100 Word Challenge – Week 17

Over the week end I played one of the most crucial game of the season, the game that would determine whether if not we would go to the finals. Before the game started, my fastidious scenes were getting fitful vibes from my teammates and I began to doubt if we were going to be able to win. But then, this thought hit me like a pang, there was no possible way we were going to loose this game because we are all adept at soccer. After that all of my doubt was gone, because I had faith in my team.

100 Word Challenge #1

One day I was walking, and I caught a glimpse of a path that I had never taken before, but this path did not seem like the regular ones I take. Without thinking I walk into it, and I suddenly get a haunted vibe, well my suspicions were right just as the path was ending something catches my eye. It’s a lego person sitting on a mountain of ladybugs, very amiss but there was a letter right beside him written profoundly by an anonymous person. But, just as I finish reading the letter the strange lego person starts to move…..

Girls Soccer Playoffs Game

On April 24,2017 at Bearcreek park in Spring Tx, the Beta girls soccer team was warming up to play one of the most important game in the season, the playoffs. The team had been undoubtedly strenuous to make it to this point. The game was leaving everyone anxious because the score was one to one and they were going to penalties. One mom said, “Who do you think will win?”. At that point it was anyone’s game, it all depended on who’s shots made it in. When the game ended, even though the Beta girls lost it was a chance to see that hey had the potential to win. Next year, their goal is to be the new champions because they know they can do it.

My Song “Back to beautiful”

A song that relates to my life is “Back to beautiful” by Sofia Carson. Sofia Carson is an inspiration to me; to all young girls. In this song, she is emphasizing that everyone should show resilience even when the world seems impossible to believe that there is happiness left in the world.

In my life, it has been complicated by balancing: soccer at school, soccer in my club, and on top of all of that, shool. There is one specific line that I believe relates to how I feel, “They say your not good enough, your not brave enough”. This line relates to my feelings because sometimes I feel as though I am not good enough to juggle everything in my life. But,” Why do we say this to ourselves, and even worse to each other, why do we say this to ourselves, oh”, this line helped me realize, of course, I can do it even though it seems like  the world is against me, “We gotta get back to beautiful”. This line was my main inspiration because it tells everyone that resilience is key throughout your whole life.

As can be seen, “Back to beautiful” by Sofia Cason has pushed me through some very tough times, and I am hoping it can help someone else as it did for me.

100 Word Challenge #1

It’s dark and sad living in the underworld with no light, no happiness, and where nothing matters to anybody, except Emma. Emma is a bright girl who wasn’t always here, she had risked her life to help her family get back to the overworld even though she knew what the price was. Emma was a special girl, she had magical powers, and she knew a very special spell that could bring brightness to the underworld. But she needed her wand, so she tracked her wand down and found it but little did she know when she crosses to the underworld her hands froze.

Who I am – 8th grade

Top 15 – Victoria G

  1. I play soccer for Houstonians soccer club
  2. My favorite sport is soccer
  3. My favorite soccer players are Chicharito, Neymar, Guardado, Nayeli Rangel, and Monica Ocampo
  4. I was born on September 30, 2005
  5. I am 12 years old
  6. My favorite book is I Am Princess X
  7. I was on a cheer team called Galaxy Cheer from when I was 6 to 10 years old
  8. I have been to Vallehermoso Mexico 4 times
  9. I am Mexican
  10. My favorite Latin music artist is Ozuna
  11. My favorite song is Solo yo by CNCO
  12. My favorite soccer team is Mexico (men’s division)
  13. My favorite color is mint green
  14. When I turn 15 I am going to Paris France with my grandma and best friend
  15. I want to become a professional soccer player and play for the Mexican women’s national team

100 Word Challenge Week #18

As I was walking down the streets of downtown, I stumbled by these three very creepy looking statues. I began to ponder if they were haunted or had the spirits of people in them. Suddenly I heard a whim coming from the smallest statue saying with a scratchy voice, “Help us”. Without having time to think I ran off in fear, as I was running I felt some mysterious magical force pull me back towards the statues. Then, I realized that what was happening to me was exactly the same thing that happened to my grandpearents many, many years ago…




100 Word Challenge Week #13

Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba were on there the way to rescue a sinking pink elephant but herd something in the distance,”I wonder what that was?” Questioned Simba “I don’t know” Replied Timon “We should go find out” Said Pumbaa. Everyone replied, “Let’s go” As they moved closer and closer they kept hearing “Roar” When they finally realized what it was, it was too late “The tiger is blocking our escape” Exclaimed Simba” How will we ever get to the elephant now” Said Timon worried. Then Simba told the lion “Please let us pass, we have to go save the elephant”

100 Word Challenge Week #12

Early Christmas morning the children hurried down the stairs to see if the peanut butter and jelly sandwich they had left for Santa was still there. Santa had sent a correspondence via text stating, your battery operated bunny is in a plain white box comprised of a red tag labeled Juan. Juan’s energetic little sister Shyana beat him to the present because she shoved him down the stairs. Shyana tore the big box apart but couldn’t take the bunny out of the box. At that moment, Juan began to reprimand Shyana by saying, “That was my present from Santa Claus.”

100 Word Challenge Week #9

It was the morning of Black Friday. I was in downtown shopping with my family, when at every blink it was like the stores were being swept clean. As we were walking, everyone seemed blurry because they were going so fast. When we got to the Nike store the classic Messi cleats I had wanted to buy… were gone,”Nooooooo! why would they take my beautiful Messi’s !” I screamed out loud, but I got quiet instantly when my parents put the cleats in front of me. “Where did you get these?” I asked my parents” We have magical powers,” they giggled.